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Introduction and Acceptance of Filecraft's Terms: These terms and conditions of Filecraft form a legally binding agreement between you the user and Filecraft in relation to any use of Filecraft and its services. Please read this agreement in detail. By accessing, using and promoting Filecraft you agree to the Terms of Service which may be updated from one time period to another. If you don't agree with any of the Terms of Service of Filecraft, you should not use Filecraft or any of its services. License: During the period of this agreement with the user downloading and completing the registration procedures, Filecraft grants the user the non-exclusive license to use the custom download manager. Additional terms attatched for the user of Filecraft will be included in the additional terms section which will be updated during different time periods. Users shall not alter the source code of Filecraft. The source code of Filecraft must not be altered. If the source code is altered by a user of Filecraft they will be the target of civil and legal lawsuits. The original source code is the asset of Filecraft and must not be edited in any way, shape or form. Users must not reference Filecraft without receieving written approval. Referencing Filecraft and the services provided to users and affiliates must be approved in writing by Filecraft. If Filecraft is referenced without approval, Filecraft will proceed in taking action against the parties referencing the Filecraft product and services. Ownership: Subject to any license granted, Filecraft own and retain all rights to all services and files provided for users. All tools and products provided by Filecraft are sole ownership of Filecraft. Users shall not act in any way which will compromise the performance of Filecraft and its products and services. The goodwill of Filecraft needs to be maintained and restored by users. Filecraft shall have the right to monitor the use and promotion of tools and services by users and all parties. Filecraft trademarks should be respected by users to ensure all assets owned by Filecraft and the reputation of Filecraft are unchanged. Users of Filecraft shall notify Filecraft immediately after any copyright complaint or infringement notice. Filecraft shall be the sole exclusive owner of information gathered through the use and download of Filecraft tools and services. Individual rights will be respected and Filecraft will ensure data gathered is confidential and used for professional purposes only. Restrictions: Neither Filecraft or its partners are responsible for any faults, defects or errors of products, tools and services provided. Users of Filecraft are informed that errors in products, tools and services of Filecraft aren't the responsibility of Filecraft, however Filecraft will work to the best of its ability to ensure these errors are fixed. Filecraft isn't responsible for any damages or loss of profits the downloader software or any tools, services and products offered by Filecraft causes. Loss of profits or any other form of compensation will not be the responsibility of Filecraft, however by adopting high morals and ethics Filecraft will review each single case on a case by case basis. Support: Filecraft offers support for all users of Filecraft products, services and tools. It is the responsibility of Users to contact support if an error arises. Filecraft will not be responsible to fix an error or commence support services until Filecraft have been notified by a user on what problems exist. Filecraft agrees to act in goodwill to ensure support services are comprehensive for all users, however it is highly impracticle to be able to instantly solve all problems and errors. Filecraft will not be held responsible for any slow support responses, it is the responsibility of users to inform Filecraft support about errors that need repair and improvements. Termination: Filecraft reserves the right to terminate users who breach the Filecraft terms of service and code of conduct. Filecraft reserves the right to terminate users and immediately stop user promotions that are conflicting to the high morals and ethics strived for by Filecraft. Filecraft will ensure all accounts are treated fairly and Filecraft will ensure case by case resolutions to ensure unfair terminations are reviewed and corrected. Filecraft is not responsible for the actions of users and reserves the right to terminate user accounts.

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